Introducing Radiance Rewards Club Membership – Only $150/year

Radiance Members receive the following benefits:

  • Renew at your anniversary – you can use 5% of your total purchases from the year toward a medspa procedure
  • Receive TWO $50 gift cards to share with friends that are new to our medspa
  • Exclusive Botox Pricing
  • $40 Off Each Syringe of Dermal Filler
  • 10% Off CoolSculpting
  • 5% Off Some Laser Services (LHR, C+B, IPL)
  • 20% Off SkinMedica Products (Not valid toward Chemical Peels)
  • 20% Off Obagi Products (Not valid toward Chemical Peels, Retin-a)

*Terms & Conditions: Radiance Rewards Club Membership can be purchased at any time during the year and expires one year from date of purchase. (Example – purchase March 5th, 2019 and membership will expire on March 4th, 2020). Membership discounts are applicable only to services indicated above and exclude all other services. No minimum purchase necessary to join Radiance Rewards Club Membership. Cannot apply membership fee to any services, products, or gift card purchases. Membership is non-transferable. Membership discounts cannot be applied to past purchases. Membership discounts have no monetary value and no refunds will be issued. Membership discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions. Membership discounts valid toward Radiance MedSpa services only and do not apply to Teleos Plastic Surgery or treatments administered by Dr. Max Lehfeldt. Renewal at expiration – must be paid within 4 weeks of expiration to be eligible for 5% of total annual spending to be applied to treatments (not skincare) and must be used within 12 weeks time. $50 gift cards must be used within 6 months or no longer valid. Gift cards must be used toward treatments and not skincare products. Gift cards can only be used by clients that are new to Radiance Medspa and Teleos Plastic Surgery. Pricing and terms subject to change.

Radiance Rewards Prices

Service Member Non-Member
Botox or Jeuveau $12/unit 10-19 units
$9/unit 20+ units
$12/unit 10-19 units
$10/unit 20-39 units
$9/unit 40+ units
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC $385 syringe $425 syringe
Voluma XC $760 syringe $800 syringe
Volbella $535 syringe $575 syringe
Kybella: 1 vial $560 vial $600 vial
Restylane $385 syringe $425 syringe
Tear Trough $555 syringe $595 syringe
Restylane Lyft $405 syringe $445 syringe
Radiesse $485 syringe $525 syringe
Advantage / Petite
Advantage Plus
Laser Hair Removal 5% off N/A
IPL $280.25 $295 Face
Clear & Brilliant $375.25 $395 Face

*Prices subject to change

Grab these Halloween deals Before they disappear November 2nd!

Free Crows feet BOTOX® Cosmetic or Jeuveau™ (NEWTOX) for the First 20 Patients!

– Purchase 30+ units of BOTOX® Cosmetic
– If you have never tried Botox to your Crows Feet (outer part of eye area),
– Receive Up to 24 units FREE ($240 value)

*No prepurchases allowed. Must purchase 30+ units of Botox or Newtox to qualify for free crows feet. One patient at one appointment must receive all tox units. Must be new to crows feet injections to receive this offer. If you have had your crows feet injected by Dr. Max, Pasadena, or LaCanada location, you are not eligible for this special. Offer does not apply to previous purchases. Maximum number of units to be injected for free is 24 units but our injectors will determine the exact amount to be used in your crows feet. Any units that are left over will not be given to patients to use elsewhere or at another visit. Offer expires 11/2/2019 or 20 patients.

Halloween LOVE from Jeuveau™ (NEWTOX)

– Purchase 40+ units and receive $75 OFF!

Limited number of coupons remain! With your purchase of 40+ units of Newtox, you will receive $75 OFF your treatment

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. All 40+ units of Newtox must be used by one patient at one appointment. Cannot be combined with Brilliant Distinctions (Botox). Special ends when we run out of limited coupons or 11/2/2019.

SkinPen + Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

– Special Offer: $100 OFF
– We know you have been dying to try PRP, now is the time!
– Promotes healing of injured or damaged tissues
– Plasma contains growth factors & healing factors

*Discount can also be applied to PRP + Clear+Brilliant
*Discount can also be applied to PRP Scalp

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. PRP may be added to either SkinPen, Clear+Brilliant, or Scalp treatment. Discount is $100 off one of these combination treatments. Special ends 11/2/2019.

Free BOTOX® Cosmetic or Jeuveau™ (NEWTOX)10 units ($100 value) Purchase Two Syringes of Filler

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Radiance Rewards Club Members (who have paid $150 annual fee) will receive $40 off per syringe of filler. If purchasing Juvederm, Voluma, or Volbella – you will also receive discounts if you are a member of the free Brilliant Distinctions Club. All product must be received by one patient at one appointment. If not able to use all product at one appointment, you will not be eligible for the free product.

IPL/PhotoFacials – Receive 5% OFF

– But if you join our Radiance Rewards Club you’ll enjoy 10% OFF!
– If Halloween has your skin blemished, now is the time for an IPL!
– Evens out your sun spots, age spots, uneven skin color/hyperpigmentation, rosacea/redness, spider veins/capillaries, pore size, fine lines/wrinkles.

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Radiance Rewards Club members who have paid their $150 membership fee will be able to use their 5% OFF IPLs with this special for a total of 10% OFF. Non-members will receive 5% OFF. IPL is a series of treatments. Most significant results are seen with a series of treatments to achieve continued skin improvement in tone, texture, and pigmentation.

Say goodbye to Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy now 10% OFF

– Tiny injections of saltwater solution to shrink the vessels.

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Sclerotherapy is a series of treatments and spider veins can recur over time. The ideal treatment is a series of treatments and use of compression garments.

Chemical Peels 10% OFF

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Chemical peel special includes our SkinMedica Vitalize Peel, ViPeel, and the Perfect DermaPeel. The image does show peeling skin, however, not all patients will peel. Peeling does not indicate that there are results from a chemical peel. Excellent results are still obtained without any skin peeling.

Hand Rejuvenation 10% OFF

– Pay attention to the area of the body that is often overlooked but does show our age!
– IPL/PhotoFacials of the Hands or Chemical Peels of the Hands or Juvederm Filler of the Hands.

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Discount on filler is only valid if entire syringe is used in the hands. Discount does not apply to filler if only partially used in the hands. Juvederm is eligible for brilliant distinctions discount AND Radiance Rewards Discount for our members ($150 annual membership fee) $40 off/syringe of Juvederm. IPL/Photofacials for the hands only will be 5% off additional for our Radiance Rewards members.

Latisse 5ml – $10 Off with Brilliant Distinctions

– Regular price $149
– On sale for a limited time $129
– With Brilliant Distinctions discount $119

*5ml size. Special ends when we run out of coupons. Super limited. Must be a member of Brilliant Distinctions free club to receive this pricing. Must have approval by MD/NP/PA to purchase this product; consultations available on site.

*Disclaimer: All prices, discounts, and special offers are subject to change without notice.

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