Introducing Radiance Rewards Club Membership – Only $150/year

Radiance Members receive the following benefits:

  • Renew at your anniversary – you can use 5% of your total purchases from the year toward a medspa procedure
  • Receive TWO $50 gift cards to share with friends that are new to our medspa
  • Exclusive Botox Pricing
  • $40 Off Each Syringe of Dermal Filler
  • 10% Off CoolSculpting
  • 5% Off Some Laser Services (LHR, C+B, IPL)
  • 20% Off SkinMedica Products (Not valid toward Chemical Peels)
  • 20% Off Obagi Products (Not valid toward Chemical Peels, Retin-a)

*Terms & Conditions: Radiance Rewards Club Membership can be purchased at any time during the year and expires one year from date of purchase. (Example – purchase March 5th, 2019 and membership will expire on March 4th, 2020). Membership discounts are applicable only to services indicated above and exclude all other services. No minimum purchase necessary to join Radiance Rewards Club Membership. Cannot apply membership fee to any services, products, or gift card purchases. Membership is non-transferable. Membership discounts cannot be applied to past purchases. Membership discounts have no monetary value and no refunds will be issued. Membership discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions. Membership discounts valid toward Radiance MedSpa services only and do not apply to Teleos Plastic Surgery or treatments administered by Dr. Max Lehfeldt. Renewal at expiration – must be paid within 4 weeks of expiration to be eligible for 5% of total annual spending to be applied to treatments (not skincare) and must be used within 12 weeks time. $50 gift cards must be used within 6 months or no longer valid. Gift cards must be used toward treatments and not skincare products. Gift cards can only be used by clients that are new to Radiance Medspa and Teleos Plastic Surgery. Pricing and terms subject to change.

Radiance Rewards Prices

Service Member Non-Member
Botox or Jeuveau $12/unit 10-19 units
$9/unit 20+ units
$12/unit 10-19 units
$10/unit 20-39 units
$9/unit 40+ units
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC $385 syringe $425 syringe
Voluma XC $760 syringe $800 syringe
Volbella $535 syringe $575 syringe
Kybella: 1 vial $560 vial $600 vial
Restylane $385 syringe $425 syringe
Tear Trough $555 syringe $595 syringe
Restylane Lyft $405 syringe $445 syringe
Radiesse $485 syringe $525 syringe
Advantage / Petite
Advantage Plus
Laser Hair Removal 5% off N/A
IPL $280.25 $295 Face
Clear & Brilliant $375.25 $395 Face

*Prices subject to change

Free Microdermabrasion with JEUVEAU™ Injections!

We are proud to be one of the first to offer this amazing new neurotoxin (similar to Botox). It is a modern-made neurotoxin approved by the FDA to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines. This is the first and only product of its kind dedicated exclusively to aesthetics!

Jeuveau is the fourth neurotoxin to hit the market (and the only new option in almost a decade). It is made using a state-of-the-art manufacturing process called Hi-Pure Technology. Jeuveau is made by a company named Evolus (“evolve with us”).

  • MedSpa pricing is the same as for our Botox:
  • $12/unit 10-19 units
  • $10/unit 20-39 units
  • $9/unit 40+ units
  • Be one of the first 10 patients to purchase Jeuveau and receive a free microdermabrasion face with our aesthetician Regina! ($85 value)*

Radiance Rewards Club Members will receive the same discount for Jeuveau as they would for Botox!
Join Radiance Rewards Club Today! Ask us for details when you come in!

*Free microdermabrasion is for the patient receiving the Jeuveau. Valid for 4 weeks only with Regina only. If not received within 4 weeks, free micro is no longer valid. Minimum purchase of 30 units of Jeuveau to be eligible for free face microdermabrasion. First 10 patients only. No Brilliant Distinctions Discounts will be issued.

Ultherapy 10% Off

Take advantage of this special summer sale and be ready for all of your summer events!

  • Focused ultrasound technology gently tightens and lifts the face, nack and chest
  • Not Surgery
  • (Consider adding on ProNox – Nitrous at our Pasadena office $75 per treatment)

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Special pricing ends 7/8/2019.

Thermage 10% Off

  • Radiofrequency technology gently tightens the face, neck, chest, and body
  • Not Surgery

*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous purchases. Special pricing ends 7/8/2019.

Kybella BOGO

Buy One, Get One 50% Off

  • $600/vial
  • But only $560/vial for Radiance Rewards Members!
  • Eligible for additional Brilliant Distinction Discounts
  • The associated photo is of a real patient of ours who received 3 vials of Kybella to her submental area (double chin).

*No prepurchases allowed. All product must be received by one patient at one appointment. Does not apply to previous purchases. Special pricing ends 7/8/2019.

$100 Off 2nd Syringe of Juvederm or Voluma!

10 Coupons available

  • Juverderm Ultra Plus XC $425 – 1st syringe, $395 2nd syringe
  • Voluma $800 – 1st syringe, $700 2nd syringe

Radiance Rewards Members:

  • Receive $40 Off each syringe of filler – Join Today!

*Both syringes of filler must be received by one patient at one appointment. Additional Brilliant Distinction rewards are available depending on filler selection. Does not apply to previous purchases. No prepurchases allowed. Special pricing ends 7/27/19 or until coupons run out.

Celebrate Summer!

Summer is a GREAT time to visit us at Radiance MedSpa! Take advantage of these Summer Specials until Saturday, July 27th! Don’t wait – the summer appointments are booking up fast! (10% of what you spend on these specials can be used as a credit during the month of September 2019! Book your next appointment for September at Check-Out!)

  • CLEAR + BRILLIANT – 10% OFF (15% OFF for RR) and 10 units JEUVEAU (NEWTOX) ($120 VALUE)
  • PICOSURE – 10% OFF or 10 units JEUVEAU (NEWTOX) ($120 VALUE)
  • SKINPEN – $50 OFF or 10 units JEUVEAU (NEWTOX) ($120 VALUE)
  • LASER HAIR REMOVAL: 10% OFF one area (15% OFF RR); 15% OFF two areas (20% OFF RR); 20% OFF 3+ areas (25% OFF RR)


*No prepurchases allowed. Does not apply to previous treatments. Cellfina does not apply to previous patient pricing and bookings. All treatments must be done at one appointment by one patient to be eligible for the special pricing, discounts, or giveaways. Specials are limited and may end at any time. Radiance Rewards (RR) Club Members who have paid their $150 membership for the year may combine their RR discounts with this special on Clear + Brilliant (total of 15% off); Laser Hair Removal (total of 15% off one area, 20% off two areas, and 25% off 3+ areas) (all laser hair removal areas must be done at one appointment by one patient); and IPL/photofacials (total of 5% off plus the free sunscreen). Free Jeuveau units are only valid for 3 weeks after your treatments; valid for use by a patient who received purchased treatments only. If free units of Jeuveau are not received in that time period, they will no longer be available. 10% of spending on these specials only (not purchases in general) will be available to use in September so please book your appointment for September at checkout. Monies not used in September 2019 will not be available after that time.

Bring a Friend!

Bring a friend who is new to both Teleos Plastic Surgery & Radiance MedSpa.

  • When they purchase a treatment $200+, YOU will receive 10% OFF your next treatment.

*New patient must be new to both Teleos and Radiance (both locations). New patient must purchase and receive a treatment (not just purchase skincare product). 10% off is for medspa treatments only.

Free Nespresso Coffee Maker!

  • Purchase TWO Restylane Syringes + Botox or Jeuveau (Newtox) 20+ units
  • Receive a FREE Nespresso Coffee Maker! (Value $200)

*Only 4 coffee makers available. Hurry! No prepurchases allowed. All syringes of Restylane and Botox or Jeuveau must be used by one patient at one appointment. Syringes may be either Restylane or Restylane Lyft. This offer may be combined with Radiance Rewards Club Membership ($150/year) so sign up today for an additional $40 off per syringe of filler!

Meet Our New Aesthetician – Regina Lim

  • Proud to offer European Facial, Radiance Signature Facial, and Microdermabrasion.

Come and meet our newest star team member!

Latisse 5ml – $10 Off with Brilliant Distinctions

  • Regular price $149
  • On sale for a limited time $129
  • With Brilliant Distinctions discount $119

*5ml size. Special ends when we run out of coupons. Super limited. Must be a member of Brilliant Distinctions free club to receive this pricing. Must have approval by MD/NP/PA to purchase this product; consultations available on site.

*Prices subject to change

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