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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair can often be easily and quickly removed at our medical spa with the most advanced laser technology available today – the ICON® and the Vectus® by Palomar!

The Palomar ICON and Vectus are the industry leaders with the latest equipment for hair removal for any skin type (even dark skin!) and almost any hair type (even fine hair!). Laser hair removal treatments are even more cost-effective now with our highly targeted lasers that destroy new hair growth, and even more comfortable with minimal risk and downtime with the Advanced Contact Cooling technology by Palomar.

The Vectus offers the largest spot size for fast, comfortable coverage and also offers a small spot size for more precise treatment areas. The Vectus can do laser hair removal on a “whole body” in about an hour!

Laser hair removal has been in effect for over 20 years and is FDA-approved for hair reduction – meaning that laser hair removal will significantly remove the total number of hairs but is not able to remove all hair. Most effective regimens will include several treatments (approximately 4-6) that are spaced out over the course of 4-8 weeks. The temporal spacing of treatments allows for hair growth that occurs in phases. The laser is able to destroy hair follicles only during certain phases of hair growth (anagen). Hair will fall out on its own over the following week to two weeks after each laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal is an ideal treatment for unwanted hair – legs, underarms, face (not near eyes), arms, bikini area, and back. Laser hair removal is ideal for clients who suffer from (pseudofolliculitis barbae) “ingrown hairs” or “shaving bumps”. Laser hair removal has been shown to be effective in treatment/prevention of pilonidal cysts (ingrown hairs that cause intense localized skin irritation and infections).

When Will I See Results?*
After 4-6 treatments (spaced out every 4-5 weeks for the face or every 6-8 weeks for the arms/body/legs), most patients will see a 50-80% reduction in hair. Hair that remains should be thinner, lighter in color, softer, and grow more slowly.

Treatment Time
Depends on the surface area of the treatment area.
The Vectus is able to do a “whole body” in about an hour!
Exact times will vary depending on what is being treated.

Medications/conditions To Avoid Prior To Treatment
Prior to your treatment, let us know if you are on any antibiotics. Avoid sun exposure without sunscreen, self-tanners, waxing, threading, and plucking for at least two weeks prior to your treatment for best results. The more contrast between the skin (ideally lighter) and the hair (ideally darker) the better!

Possible Side Effects
Potential side effects are usually minimal for many patients. May include itching, slight pinkness, redness, very mild swelling, or feel like you have a mild sunburn for a few days after the treatment. Extremely rare is a change in skin color (hypo or hyper pigmentation), scab formation, allergy to the gel used during the treatment, or rarely a burn to the skin.

Laser Hair Removal Price
Please call for price estimate.

The Palomar Icon is located at our La Cañada location, and the Vectus is located at our Pasadena location.