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Precision Tx®

SmartLipo™ IN-OFFICE Laser Liposuction is not only performed on the arms, legs, belly, and underarms (treats excessive sweating/hyperhidrosis), but can also be ideal for your face and neck! Known as “the knifeless facelift,” SmartLipo™ of the face (Precision TX™) utilizes a proprietary laser known as SideLaze800™ to destroy fat and tighten skin. Since it is less invasive than a facelift, this procedure typically results in less bruising/pain and a faster recovery for many patients. SmartLipo™ and Precision TX™ are brought to you by the leading manufacturer of laser assisted lipolysis – Cynosure.

This procedure is performed in-office, with local anesthesia and oral medications. There are no operating room costs, nor anesthesia costs. Most patients have minimal discomfort over the next few days. Each individual is unique, so activity and pain level may vary.

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