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Hand Rejuvenation

Most of us take the time and money to take care of our face, necks, and body with expensive creams and treatments. Unfortunately, most of us neglect the aesthetic of our hands – leaving them to look older than we truly are!

Our hands are not usually the focus of our beauty regimen, but they should be a part of it! Our hands are often exposed to the harsh elements and sun (especially while driving). Think of all the things you do with your hands every day — from using them to wash dishes, shake hands when you meet someone, prepare meals, text… it’s no wonder, then, that sometimes our hands can look tired, dry, or older than we really are. By our late 20s, we have what is known as “loss of volume” of our hands; the skin on the back of our hands becomes thin, wrinkled, and begins to show many of our tendons and veins.

Most clients are comfortable with the concept of dermal fillers for their face to replace volume, fill out wrinkles, and look younger. The same principle applies to the hands. Healthy, young skin looks “full” and “plump”. With fillers, we replace the volume to the hands through a tiny injection of our dermal fillers. The formulation injected by our expert team at Radiance contains a numbing medication to minimize discomfort. The product is quite malleable and is able to fill areas of the back of the hands that are in need of volume. The end product is hands that look more youthful and full.

In addition to fillers to restore the volume and plump up the back of the hands, we offer laser skin treatments – photorejuvenation – to reduce age spots and sunspots. The same treatment that many of us receive for our faces – IPL PhotoFacials – can be used for the same conditions on the back of the hands. Using the most advanced laser technology – the Palomar Icon and the Nordlys Ellipse® – the intense pulse light seeks out specific pigment colors in the deep layers of skin on the back of the hand. The laser penetrates deep to treat the “problems” deep at their source.

When used in combination – fillers (to plump up hands) and photorejuvenation (to improve the color and texture of the back of the hands) – we can rejuvenate your hands to appear younger, sexier, and more appealing!

Treatment Time

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Hand Rejuvenation Price
RADIESSE®, 1.5ml
$525* for 1st syringe, $495* for each additional syringe
$195* /treatment
*Prices subject to change

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