Body Slimming/Tightening

Radiance Medical Spa is proud to offer the latest advances in non-surgical, non-invasive body slimming and tightening treatments! All treatments have little to no downtime! Liposonix® and Zerona® focus on “slimming”. Body by Thermage® and Endermologie are ideal for cellulite treatment. Body by Thermage® is also ideal for tightening loose skin of the face, neck, tummy, arms, thighs, or knees.

We offer the following:

  • Liposonix® utilizes high intensity focused ultrasound to permanently destroy fat. “1 treatment – 1 hour – 1 size smaller.” Click here to learn more about Liposonix®.
  • Zerona® painlessly reduces fat via cold laser technology; fat is emulsified by disrupting the cell membranes, allowing the fat to be reabsorbed and passed out of the body. Click here to learn more about Zerona®.
  • Body by Thermage® is an ideal treatment for cellulite – through radio frequency technology, Thermage® smoothes dimples, improves skin texture, and tightens loose skin. Click here to learn more about Thermage®.
  • Endermologie uses the science of cell stimulation and movement to increase the body’s circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is an ideal treatment for cellulite, easing muscle tension/soreness, and pre/post liposuction. Click here to learn more about Endermologie.
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